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Posted by Natsuru on Jul 15, 16 12:10 am · History

Hello ^_^

Posted by Natsuru on Jul 15, 16 12:09 am · History

Hey Cristy. :)
During the school year, life sucked huevos. Now that it's summer, I'm peachy. Sitting and being able to work on my sites for eight hours straight is absolute heaven. I've really missed CB, so it's goo to be back...even if it's a little dead now.
How have you been?

Posted by schizo on Jul 6, 10 11:58 pm · History

Thank you. =D

Posted by so-sarcastic on Jun 20, 10 2:54 am · History

i know :p

Posted by Blyat on Jun 12, 10 12:21 am · History

Yes, yes I do :3 harlieraydavis/

Posted by Charlieraydavis on Jun 9, 10 10:13 pm · History

When I started playing the flute, I knew it was something I really enjoyed and didn't want to stop doing at any point in my life. I majored in computer science first, but ultimately didn't want to pursue that as a career. Plus I always knew music was my first choice.

That's a pretty broad scope, I bet you'll have lots of options once you graduate.

Posted by libertie on May 23, 10 8:45 pm · History

I have no idea. xD I haven't really thought much about graduation, which I know is weird, but yeah. All I know is I'll have a college degree and I can do stuff with it.

Posted by libertie on May 19, 10 3:35 am · History

stands for "yadig?"

Posted by YDG on May 16, 10 12:55 pm · History

Oh I love retail! :) I've been working in retail in some form or another, off and on, for about five years now and I have no complaints except when I don't like the people I'm working for. Right now I'm loving this job, the people I work with, and the customers. It's great, I never feel bored or swamped or overwhelmed. I'm still new, but I'm really enjoying it and I'm kicking major ass on the sales floor. :)

Posted by libertie on May 12, 10 11:37 pm · History

I'm not sure that I'm more confident, but since getting this job at Cato (a women's clothing/fashion store) I've been trying harder instead of dressing like a "college student". I try to give off the appearance of knowing something about putting together an outfit, haha. I've been pretty good, I'm gonna graduate finally in the spring of next year, and then who knows!

Posted by libertie on May 11, 10 10:29 pm · History

You are too sweet, haha. :)

Posted by libertie on May 11, 10 1:39 am · History

Awhhh, thank you. :D

Posted by 99balloons on Apr 12, 10 10:59 pm · History

hey how are you?

Posted by YDG on Apr 5, 10 11:52 am · History

Hello, i wanna thank you for approving my skin :)

Posted by wickedicy on Mar 23, 10 1:39 am · History

thanks for the graphic comment! :)

Posted by cynthiachioma on Jan 9, 10 11:41 pm · History

I miss you :[

Posted by YDG on Nov 25, 09 4:34 pm · History

Cristy, I miss you! :(

Posted by YDG on Nov 1, 09 2:20 pm · History

yeah...i just saw that and i edited. keke. x

Posted by misoshiru on Sep 15, 09 8:06 pm · History

i'm following you now :)

Posted by lkajsfklajskds on Sep 7, 09 8:54 pm · History

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